Where to learn more about my history with music

2017-08-11 19:30:30 by Kelpalots

So I try to explain it every time I come onto a new social media network, but I'm not always accurate and I don't always remember everything there is to know about my experience in music. But to get the scoop on details, it would be better to find yourself over here

And when you go to that link, there should be the full description, and all you have to do is click 'read more...'.

That link is my professional lifeline to being in markets and readily available even free. I would use someone other than CDBaby, but I bleed from my eyes paying for it already with CDBaby, and I usually don't have the money but spend it anyways. I have made most tracks available via my own b0rked torrents. But being on NG and SC I can make them available for download. Though much risk goes into making music, I don't think I could easily quit when people enjoy what I make so much. I have the haters, the stalkers, the lovers, the obsessed, the fans, the fanatics, and many interested people from all walks of life. I'm a welcoming door. I do not mind many things, so much as long as it doesn't break laws that put people in harm's way. I can tolerate a lot of $#!@. I also have my own problems to tolerate, but I did recieve my patience from computing. So if I'm angry you must have done something so stupid, that even I become angry. It takes a lot to measure up to what makes me angry. A loner, A stoner, A medical cannabis user, A psychonaut, An engineer, An idiot savant with type 2 aspergers, LOVE for music, hate but caring for IT and other engineering fun. PTSD, Sensory Processing Disorder, possible af Multiple Sclerosis, definite dystonia. I'm pretty sage with my cannabis, and am not afraid to smoke more for spiritual practice. It's becoming popular for such causes, too bad it isn't legal enough to smoke inside the churches it's made for. I can't wait to see this unfold. I found many of my spiritual lessons through smoking weed. I have a lot of self-discipline as well, and I carry the weight of the world on good extemism shoulders. If you don't think good people can be extremists, what would you do if I brought you peace and inner peace and serenity for 10 days of your life you have no will over... BOOM! anyways, it's not for everyone is the next thing I'll say. And it doesn't always work miracles. It does many miracles, but it doesn't always work for everyone. Certain strains might based on what benefits you did get, but if there were no benefits, you're not always going to know str8 away. I was lost without my PTSD when I first started smoking and I felt at peace for a very long time with just weed in my system. Medication has given me nightmares over drugs like heroin and ecstacy. If these meds can kill people, and they can, it's no different to me. Those meds are much more dangerous in terms of side effects than paranoia from cannabis is. You also get long term side effects that never go away, and deep rooted addiction to SSRIs and antipsychotics that are for life, if you took them on a developing brain. I have some of those problems with having had an adderall prescription for 9 years. Caused fucked up manic attacks, and come to find out, take me off the medications I'm on at all and suddenly we have less symptoms to deal with. This story is everywhere when it comes to autism and epilepsy and other neurological conditions. THERE ARE ALSO NO MEDICATIONS WHAT SO EVER FOR ANY DYSFUNCTIONS OF THE SENSORY PERCEPTION. BUT WEED IS CAPABLE!


Anyways, so I fight for rights with cannabis in debating and setting people str8 when I have the ability to do so. I love science so much it dominates how I play with spiritual realities. I love art and music so much it becomes my love and my burning fire of love for fueling me into who I need to be. I dabble in spirituality stuff, but keep it scientific when discussing stuff. Unfortunately this leads to discomfort, because I watch spirituality stuff unfold in functional scientific law followings. haha... 


I just really make music to have something I like to listen to, and have some enjoyment with it, and share the fun with others. I once had my music play at a party in the basement of a home, everyone there danced to my music O_O




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2017-08-12 03:26:52

Just read your story on CDBaby; I love it. Keep the music going.

Which reminds me, when my own website goes back up (it's on downtime now because I'm giving it a facelift) I'd have a similar origin story, I guess.

Kelpalots responds:

Thanks a lot! Love and Light. :]

Keep it professional, but give away some goodies that makes your music unique!


2017-08-12 03:43:10

Goodies how? I didn't quite get you... (meep)

(Updated ) Kelpalots responds:

I love to make music that has soul to it because it has a nice ringing chime to the chords and it's much better to be relaxed by than taking any drug. I dunno, I get this when I listen to my music and others which are really well produced and feel good to listen to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response
But when I was a child I practiced chords that rings softly in my ears.

That's the kind of goodies I have! ;]


2017-08-12 04:36:30

For me, it's the rhythm; the outward expression of the inner thrills of my heart. I guess. Anyone who has heard my stuff (and if it includes percussion) has said that I write well for it -- the beat is where I feel truly alive, I guess. ^_^'

(Updated ) Kelpalots responds:

Music is a good therapy for me, but I also learned not to make music about how you feel about what someone has done to you. It can be very haunting. It's also like going online and reading through a website with dealing with stress, and writing a letter to the person who hurt you, but throwing it away and putting it where the sun don't shine, because if you say anything bad, it can be held against you. Even if you just vent out frustrations in hissy fissy F you I'm a big meanie rite now and I'm all bark but no bite! So is the same thing for music. It's like getting tattoos when you make music too. haha... I just think music is a safe drug even though it can't do as much as some other things can. I actually had a very terrible and narrowed perspective on music when I was young and I did not smoke the green! And so was my PTSD. heh :D But music does help make me consume less bud. I smoke less than most of anyone I know, but I am super B-hole about it. I went from DARE kid to strictly medical and no more or no less. Stoners hate me. haha I still didn't know what high and trippy meant until my trippy music made my high a rollercoaster ride from a mile high. and I'd get those feels with it so much that I trip out on reality when I come out of a meditative state. :D I have the feels my music is hypnotic because honestly you said it better than I did about what music is like for a musician whose fallen in love with the accidently the whole thing. I'm always searching for new artists to listen to, and I do some minor stalking through pages and profiles. I just like to stop when it gets weird. :D But I like to spread the love. SC is kind of dead right now but I went from 200 followers to 600 followers I think within a year now. My heart will still sing with new music to come, I hope no one doesn't break that heart of mine. haha do many people with aspergers get called stoners? Being a DARE kid did have it's disadvantages. ;]

[note: I think peer pressure isn't always exactly a problem with weed, but I do believe it is a problem with harder drugs, such as alcohol, xanax, heroin, crack/cocaine, etc. But I believe that it was the only thing going well for DARE to have given many people awareness to how [peer] pressure works...]

[oh and I'm also on this kick to figure out how much better music is as a medicine for anxiety and stuff lol, so I'm off center right now, and... I'm tired. O_O I sort of broke my answer machine.]