Playlists for easy music interest access...

2017-08-23 23:57:08 by Kelpalots

Playlists are great for organizing nice music. One of them advertises other musician's works. Each playlist satisfies the need for the playlist. Explicit Electronica is not for the faint of heart. Meditation compilation is for relaxation.


Kelpalots' Music:

Favorites [NG Artists That Are Awesome]:

Ethereal Disaster Album [First track hit top track of the year of 2015]:

Dark Scibient Album [Fourth part of the track won this year 2017]:

Kelpalots' Old Tracks [2006-2014] [Not a full list]:

Kelpalots' Improv/Freeform Recordings:

Kelpalots' Explicit Electronica:

Kelpalots' Meditation Compilation:


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