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2017-08-24 22:02:15 by Kelpalots

I turn 28 today. I got a haircut. I got a good cake made. I got tacos for dinner. I didn't get to make another track like I wanted to, because of ransomware amoongst other things... BUT!!! I will be uploading two Explicit Electronica tracks, one 30 minute track that will go into Meditation compilation, and a slightly short track that will also go into the meditation compilation playlist. The thirty minute track I'm uploading belongs to the Formula 9 album. An album made using mainly recordings of the S61 layered together. I did a lot of improv work to do it too. I haven't released this on newgrounds since it is also on the market at places like google music, amazon music, iheartradio, and spotify, etc... However, you guys liked my improv work so much, I'm going to start putting it up.


Made in 2011. Part of the Egotistic album. I went to the mental hospital where I lived at the time, and I ended up learning about hypnotic music through a lazyboy chairs and couches room for meditation on deep levels. I meditated on how to make my new track in the time I was there. ;] Music With Me.

I'm a little annoying, I guess, a bit type A, pretty party hard. I have three versions of this track, and this one is without EQ on those high screams. In The Wake of Terror.

I made this in 2014, and I listen to EBM from time to time. I could never make such beautiful noise, but I try. ;] Completion To Thirty Minutes.

Here's the bomb dropper. Part of the Formula 9 album. All improv from hell, production though. 30 minutes of sheer cinematic experience. Classical and jazz influences. Meant for Headphones and x.1 setups. BASS.

Playlists are great for organizing nice music. One of them advertises other musician's works. Each playlist satisfies the need for the playlist. Explicit Electronica is not for the faint of heart. Meditation compilation is for relaxation.


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Dark Scibient

2017-08-20 05:33:40 by Kelpalots

Dark Scibient is well liked on this community and soundcloud. I hope to make more like it. TROLL DANCE is actually the top for this year [2017].

SC link:


NG links:

Full 30 mins:

Part 1 [DARK]
Part 2 [DRIVEN]
Part 3 [EMOTION]


Downloadable as MP3 on NG, and .wav on SC. SOON TO BE ON THE MARKET.

Between Broken Lake and Dried up Shrine [WIP]

2017-08-20 02:05:46 by Kelpalots

I just released this when I had lack of sleep. I don't think sleep is for the weak at all when it makes important repairs to the brain or body. So I'm certain that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS. However, the tweaks I make will make it longer and slower. It's already at 109 BPM.


edit: It's finished and sounds much better. thanks for sitting tight.

Good Listens:

2017-08-13 19:10:13 by Kelpalots


Reposts/Favorite Artists/Collabs: [may not be updated, I'm not really supposed to collab anymore, not always good to do, some are nice to do though.] [EDIT: I love bass, DNB, dark, heavy, loud noises] [EDIT: I used to listen to flacs of all of shpongle and entheogenic albums all day every day for years to meditate to and learn new ways of being me that would work just fine. Now it's a list of everything worth listening to, real smooth, ambient, deep, psychedelic experiences, and other stuff like piano that is relaxing, or flute...]

Social Media

A simple google search is pretty creepy, but to each their own.

So I try to explain it every time I come onto a new social media network, but I'm not always accurate and I don't always remember everything there is to know about my experience in music. But to get the scoop on details, it would be better to find yourself over here

And when you go to that link, there should be the full description, and all you have to do is click 'read more...'.

That link is my professional lifeline to being in markets and readily available even free. I would use someone other than CDBaby, but I bleed from my eyes paying for it already with CDBaby, and I usually don't have the money but spend it anyways. I have made most tracks available via my own b0rked torrents. But being on NG and SC I can make them available for download. Though much risk goes into making music, I don't think I could easily quit when people enjoy what I make so much. I have the haters, the stalkers, the lovers, the obsessed, the fans, the fanatics, and many interested people from all walks of life. I'm a welcoming door. I do not mind many things, so much as long as it doesn't break laws that put people in harm's way. I can tolerate a lot of $#!@. I also have my own problems to tolerate, but I did recieve my patience from computing. So if I'm angry you must have done something so stupid, that even I become angry. It takes a lot to measure up to what makes me angry. A loner, A stoner, A medical cannabis user, A psychonaut, An engineer, An idiot savant with type 2 aspergers, LOVE for music, hate but caring for IT and other engineering fun. PTSD, Sensory Processing Disorder, possible af Multiple Sclerosis, definite dystonia. I'm pretty sage with my cannabis, and am not afraid to smoke more for spiritual practice. It's becoming popular for such causes, too bad it isn't legal enough to smoke inside the churches it's made for. I can't wait to see this unfold. I found many of my spiritual lessons through smoking weed. I have a lot of self-discipline as well, and I carry the weight of the world on good extemism shoulders. If you don't think good people can be extremists, what would you do if I brought you peace and inner peace and serenity for 10 days of your life you have no will over... BOOM! anyways, it's not for everyone is the next thing I'll say. And it doesn't always work miracles. It does many miracles, but it doesn't always work for everyone. Certain strains might based on what benefits you did get, but if there were no benefits, you're not always going to know str8 away. I was lost without my PTSD when I first started smoking and I felt at peace for a very long time with just weed in my system. Medication has given me nightmares over drugs like heroin and ecstacy. If these meds can kill people, and they can, it's no different to me. Those meds are much more dangerous in terms of side effects than paranoia from cannabis is. You also get long term side effects that never go away, and deep rooted addiction to SSRIs and antipsychotics that are for life, if you took them on a developing brain. I have some of those problems with having had an adderall prescription for 9 years. Caused fucked up manic attacks, and come to find out, take me off the medications I'm on at all and suddenly we have less symptoms to deal with. This story is everywhere when it comes to autism and epilepsy and other neurological conditions. THERE ARE ALSO NO MEDICATIONS WHAT SO EVER FOR ANY DYSFUNCTIONS OF THE SENSORY PERCEPTION. BUT WEED IS CAPABLE!


Anyways, so I fight for rights with cannabis in debating and setting people str8 when I have the ability to do so. I love science so much it dominates how I play with spiritual realities. I love art and music so much it becomes my love and my burning fire of love for fueling me into who I need to be. I dabble in spirituality stuff, but keep it scientific when discussing stuff. Unfortunately this leads to discomfort, because I watch spirituality stuff unfold in functional scientific law followings. haha... 


I just really make music to have something I like to listen to, and have some enjoyment with it, and share the fun with others. I once had my music play at a party in the basement of a home, everyone there danced to my music O_O



Psybient, Dub, Ambient, Step... #^(& it, Dark Techance.

2017-07-30 15:39:15 by Kelpalots


.WAV on soundcloud, .MP3 here.

First Hour Long Track!

2017-01-27 00:01:56 by Kelpalots

My first hour track, using Maschine, Komplete Ult. A slow relaxing song that puts everybody to sleep. Quite literally.


What do you think?



All tracks are now available for download from Newgrounds, in MP3 format. For those who have more bandwidth to spare and would like quality sound, it is freely available to download from SoundCloud, WITH TAGS, as .wav's.

  1. Links on NGs:
    1. - Better Believe It I
    2. - Ethereal Disappointment
    3. - Disaster Ahead
    4. - It Takes A Feat
    5. - In My Wake
  2. Links on SC:

All 52:30 of good fun!

Ethereal Disaster is using ReFX Nexus again and making ambient classical music. It is about the heartfelt bloodshed all around the world, despair, and revolution

I also used Xfer Serum only on It Takes A Feat.